Marin County

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I thought I would love shooting photos in San Francisco, but north of the Golden Gate Bridge lies a mostly undeveloped home to mountain tops, Redwood groves, and empty beaches.

San Francisco
Sun rising over San Francisco

The peninsula
Everything in this shot. San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, Marin County, Golden Gate, and the Pacific Coast

Lining the Trail
The Steep Ravine trail was covered in green.

Weekend accomodations
Our trusty accommodations, the Drifter 3 by Mountain Hardware, at Pantoll Campground.

New Ventures

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Recently my wife and I announced our plans to relocate to San Francisco. I’ve been working at a medium sized post-production facility in Indianapolis for two years now, her working in communications for an interactive history park, and we both settled into a groove with day-to-day tasks. This, coupled with the desire to live out of state for some time, drove our decision to give it a try on the west coast. We’re looking for new challenges, new adventures, new experiences. Learning and experiencing, we’ll see what is to come.

Below is a compilation of work that I’ve completed thus far in my career. It comprises commercial broadcast, long and short form documentary, music video, animation, and timelapse. Enjoy!


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Ivy and Stairs

Knobstone Trail

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A few photos from a day hike in southern Indiana:

HDR Monday

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Been messing with realistic looking HDR photography as of lately. Here is a pretty satisfying attempt:

Recent Photos

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I’ve been busy plugging away at a small documentary I’m writing/filming/editing, in addition to my full-time gig and taking advantage of some non-photo/video related time, I haven’t had much time to post anything. Here are some recent photos I’ve finally gotten around to editing:

Timelapsed: Super Bowl

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I’ll admit that in my travels to bigger cities, upon my return to Indianapolis I’ve been quick to address its flaws and how much better off the city would be with this or with that. Last week the Super Bowl came to town and I was filled with a different feeling about my home city, pride. Indianapolis put together a spectacle that was truly something for all Indianapolisonians (spelling?) to be proud of their city for. It brought together workers, volunteers, artists, and it’s welcoming citizens to show the world what the city has to offer. Indianapolis, you’re beautiful.

Side note: An individual with measles did attend on the most crowded night. Some people just don’t think things through.

Work in Progress: 1/31/2012

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A little preview of what I’m working on while the Super Bowl is in town.

SFO Vacation

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San Francisco is easily one of the most beautiful cities in the U.S. and I must say it was difficult restraining myself from snapping photos of everything while we were there. Here are a few that I snapped while we walked, biked, drove, and commuted all around the city:

Our home for the week.

Outer Sunset.

Grand View Park. In the distance Golden Gate Park and further on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sutro Baths remnants.

The western coastline.

SFO Preview

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SFO Preview

San Francisco images soon!