Timelapsed: Super Bowl

Posted on: February 9th, 2012 by djfrey13 1 Comment

I’ll admit that in my travels to bigger cities, upon my return to Indianapolis I’ve been quick to address its flaws and how much better off the city would be with this or with that. Last week the Super Bowl came to town and I was filled with a different feeling about my home city, pride. Indianapolis put together a spectacle that was truly something for all Indianapolisonians (spelling?) to be proud of their city for. It brought together workers, volunteers, artists, and it’s welcoming citizens to show the world what the city has to offer. Indianapolis, you’re beautiful.

Side note: An individual with measles did attend on the most crowded night. Some people just don’t think things through.

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  1. J Kavensky says:

    Spectacular I have called Indiana my home since 1983. Indy has given me so many reasons to proudly call myself a Hoosier over the years. Thank you for sharing just a few of the many highlights of Super Bowl XLVI. My friends who have moved out of state, my family and on my FB, all look forward to seeing and sharing the excitement and proud moments the city of Indianapolis worked so hard for. The Super Bowl will remain a part of all of us. I remain a proud Hoosier [Fishers, Indiana]

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